LETTERS: Mary Jo Paul to run for Marcellus Town Board in 2013

To the editor:

Rumors have been running rampant recently as to whether or not I’m running for Town Board. I would like to set the record straight. I said I would run again for a seat on the Town Board — and so I will — but not this year — next year. There are several reasons to do so. One reason is that this year there is only one board seat up for election. Next year there will be 3 available, thus improving my choice of opportunities. Also, by waiting, it provides me with 12 additional months to attend meetings, conduct more research and obtain more training — all of which will make me a more viable candidate next year.

I am still committed to serving my community by actively participating on the Town Board. My run for office will only be delayed one year. So, for all town residents who have asked if I will run and who have offered their support, I say: “Yes, thank you. And please be patient”.

I will continue to attend town, village and school meetings, to attend conferences and training when possible and to stay current on what’s happening in our area. Since all municipalities are interconnected, what affects one — affects all.

And finally, I will continue to speak up when warranted, to assist when asked and to lead when necessary. Only my candidacy for office is delayed, not my commitment.

Mary Jo Paul, Marcellus

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