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glennfried 3 years, 9 months ago

Letter to the Editor:

I will vote NO on the Jordan-Elbridge 2012-13 Budget Proposal and Bus Propositions--YES on the Library Budgets.

One year ago, Dr. Rick Timbs, the financial analyst for Bernard P. Donegan, Inc. overseeing the J-E capital project, was a featured speaker at the Jordan-Elbridge Central School District Budget Hearing: He painted a very bleak picture of the financial situation of the district, so far as to say that it may fun out of funds in a couple of years and that money that was supposed to in the bank for debt retirement was not there..

The budget Timbs said was probably “the best that taxpayers were going to get” was overwhelmingly defeated. A revised budget reduced the defeated budget by almost $600,000. No money was missing!

The 3-year total for expenses associated with the shenanigans of the past is approaching $2 million. The employee who was suspended 675 days ago doesn’t even have a date for his disciplinary hearing to begin. Another employee was suspended 600 days ago. The principal involuntarily relocated for two years was just appointed as the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Director of Special Education. How many $$$ did this cost the taxpayers and the employee?

Questionable statements made to an accrediting agency (see Auburn Citizen, Jordan-Elbridge resident: Independent investigation turn 180 degrees, April 15, 2012) and the New York Education Department, a spate of student bullying at the high school, and the lack of answers at the budget hearing warrant further investigation by the media.
For an in-depth explanation of why I will vote NO, see my website: www.glennfried.com.
I believe the students, teachers, staff, and our community deserve better.

Glenn F. Fried
Memphis, New York


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